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June 13, 2024 Marks 1,000 days since Afghan women and girls were shut out of schools and universities by the Taliban

Who Are We?

ALPA in Exile is the revival of ALSPA initially founded in 2019 in Afghanistan. ALPA began as a small group of enthusiastic academics dedicated to encourage collaborations among Afghan law and political science faculty across universities and research institutions. ALPA organized annual conferences, workshops, and small panels, both in-person and online. Since its revival in Virginia, ALPA has continued its mission through the Reimagining Afghanistan Forum, hosting various events and establishing a research center and publication center called Local Voices.

ALPA aims to bring together Afghan and international scholars focused on Afghanistan's legal, social, and political development, encouraging research, publications, and scholarly collaborations. With an estimated 70% of Afghan law and political science professors now living in exile, ALPA has reconnected many of these academics.

In 2022, ALPA founded its Online Academy, providing Afghan women access to education denied by the Taliban. Thousands of students have benefited from classes taught in English Farsi, and Pashto. The Academy has eight departments including Department of Law, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Department of Human Rights and Sociology, Department of Language Learning, Scholarship and Arts, Department of Applied Learning and Vocational Training, Department of Personal Development and Mental Health, and Department of Advocacy and Civic Engagement. 

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