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About Research Excellence Lab

Finding Inspiration & Support in Every Turn

The Research Excellence Lab is dedicated to fostering a robust research culture by encouraging scholarly research, publications, and, most importantly, collaborations between faculty and students. By engaging in a diverse array of research projects and working closely with faculty and mentors, students gain hands-on experience with research methodologies and techniques.

The Research Excellence Lab is particularly crucial for female students in Afghanistan who are barred from education by the Taliban as it provides a vital opportunity for them to engage in scholarly research and collaborations remotely. This environment allows them to contribute to academic literature, thus continuing their education and intellectual growth despite restrictions. The lab's dynamic and collaborative atmosphere helps these students develop critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing them for a 21st century world where science and reason inform life and career choices as well as civic and political participations. 


Current Research Projects

  • Trauma Continues: A Study of Afghan Educators’ Grappling with Stereotypes and Microaggressions on University Campuses (Lead Contributors: Dr. Bashir Mobasher & Dr. Alexandra Pars)

  • Muhtasib in a Changing World (Lead Contributors: Dr. Zabi Obaidy & Khadija Ibrahim)

  • Measuring Successful Constitutions (Leader Contributor: Dr. Bashir Mobasher & Dr. Qadam Shah)

  • Environmental Law and Climate Change (Lead Contributor: Dr. Shariati)

  • بازار الکترونیکی در جامعه و دولت عقبگرد(دستیار اول: بشیر مبشر)

Meet The Team

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