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انگلیسی ابتدایی

English for Beginners:

This course is offered to English language learners who have limited or no formal knowledge about the English language. The focus of this course will be on developing your listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Therefore, throughout this course, students will acquire the basic literacy in English language and have the basic understanding of the English grammar, important vocabulary, and conversational skills.

Intermediate English: 

This course is offered to English language learners who have basic knowledge of the English Language but still needs to refine their command on the English language. Therefore, this course will build upon their foundational language competencies by focusing on advancing communication, reading, writing and listen skills in academic, social and professional setting. By the end of this course students would be able to express their opinions fluently through speaking and writing using their English skills. Plus, they will be able to comprehended academic readings.

English and Documentaries: 


Academic Writing I


Academic Writing II

This course will focus on further applying your critical thinking and writing skills to various texts. During the term you will do so by composing written work based on questions that will arise from your engagements with a variety of poems and short essays. My hope is that you will emerge from this class as confident, polished writers, able to successfully argue your opinions by expertly backing them up with logical, incisive analysis.

Introduction to TOEFL

This course is designed for Afghan girls aiming to develop their English reading and writing skills in preparation for the TOEFL exam. It offers an in-depth exploration of the types of reading passages and writing tasks encountered in the TOEFL test, with a special focus on academic English.

Advance Reading 


Scholarship Preparations


Note: This program only accepts students who are ready to apply for scholarships. An exam may be administered for admission of applicants to this class on the first day of the class. 

Arts and English


Academic Writing (Pashto)


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