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A Journey of Dreams and Despair

by A Girl from Spring Season*

A girl from spring season with beautiful and pleasant dreams is writing this… 🌸 Being an Afghan woman or girl is not easy. You are punished for sins you didn’t commit. You can't raise your voice and share your thoughts, you can't access your basic rights, and if you dare to inquire about your rights, you will be punished in the worst possible way. 😢

For most of us, we can’t share our thoughts even with our own family—our parents and siblings. You must stay silent to stay alive. You must bury and forget your dreams to breathe. For me, I dreamed of being a designer. I have a talent for designing clothes for both girls and boys, combining colors, and I love decorating houses in both ancient and modern styles. I had planned to study design and business to start my own business one day. 🎨✨

But currently, I can’t pursue my dream, so I am studying midwifery for two years because this is the only feasible way to continue studying. We struggle every day with the increasing restrictions the Taliban impose on our daily lives. We are afraid of them, and everything depends on them; they are so pessimistic about girls. Who can enjoy life here in Afghanistan, where hundreds of women are imprisoned in Taliban prisons because they raised their voices and did not tolerate the fate the Taliban has determined for them? They will die under the Taliban’s torture and assault. 🏥😓

In other countries, women are proud of being women and powerful, but in Afghanistan, there are no women or girls who don’t wish they were men. We are punished because of our gender, and we don’t have permission to access our basic rights. We can’t laugh out loud, go out with our friends, dress as we want, or pursue our dreams. There is no Women's Day for women and girls in Afghanistan. The current government will not let women celebrate because they believe it is a non-Muslim tradition. 💔

But this will all end soon, undoubtedly. We continue to survive, and we will come back stronger. Happy Women’s Day to all the women around the world, especially to the women of Afghanistan! 🇦🇫❤️


*A Girl from Spring Season is pseudonym. For safety reasons, we cannot publish her real name.

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