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ALPA Online Academy Kicks Off Summer Semester with Faculty Orientation

Updated: Jun 22

The ALPA Online Academy recently held its summer semester faculty orientation, marking a significant milestone in its journey of providing quality education. This orientation was not just a routine meeting but a comprehensive discussion on critical aspects such as the Learning Management System (LMS), the advancement of women's education, and the standardization of online education. The event was a blend of welcoming new members and celebrating the invaluable contributions of existing faculty members.

Celebrating Growth and Milestones

The summer semester of 2024 will be ALPA Online Academy's 7th semester, and it promises to be the most impactful yet with 15 new online classes and programs from various disciplines in English and local languages. The Academy, which began with a single course on Social Critical Thought in the summer of 2022, has now expanded into a robust institution with eight distinct departments and many minor disciplines:

  1. Personal Development and Mental Health: Focusing on the holistic well-being of students, this department offers courses that promote mental health awareness and personal growth.

  2. Law: Providing a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and practices, this department equips students with the knowledge of law and skills of lawyering.

  3. Political Science and Public Administration: This department delves into the intricacies of political systems and administrative functions, offering students education in peace and conflict, negotiation, civic engagement, diplomacy, international relations, statebuilding , democratic institutions, and more.

  4. Sociology and Human Rights: Offering insights into societal structures and human rights issues, this department fosters a deeper understanding of social justice.

  5. Scholarship, Language Learning, and Fine Arts: In addition to catering to the artistic pursuits of students, this department specifically works with students to enhance their English language and prepare them for scholarship and study abroad.

  6. Advocacy and Civic Engagement: Empowering students to become active citizens, this department focuses on advocacy skills and civic responsibilities.

  7. Applied Learning and Vocational Training: Providing practical skills and vocational training, this department ensures students are job-ready in various trades and professions.

  8. Business and STEM Department: Combining business acumen with scientific and technological expertise, this department prepares students for the dynamic world of business and STEM careers.

Focus on LMS and Standardization

During the orientation, a significant portion of the discussion centered around the Learning Management System (LMS), the backbone of the Academy's online education delivery. Faculty members explored ways to enhance the LMS to provide a more seamless and interactive learning experience for students.

Standardization of online education was another crucial topic that was explored briefly. Participation of students and students evaluation across all departments is vital for maintaining the high educational standards that ALPA Online Academy is known for.

Advancing Women's Education

The advancement of women's education remains a core mission of ALPA Online Academy. The orientation included discussions on innovative approaches to support and empower female students. Initiatives aimed at increasing access to education for women and providing them with the tools to succeed in their academic and professional lives were highlighted. This commitment to gender equality is reflected in the Academy's curriculum and support systems designed to foster an inclusive learning environment.

The orientation was also a moment of welcome and celebration. New faculty members were introduced, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to the Academy. Their arrival signifies the ongoing growth and evolution of the institution. At the same time, the contributions of long-standing faculty members were acknowledged, honoring their dedication and impact on the Academy's success.

Looking Ahead

As ALPA Online Academy embarks on its 7th semester, the anticipation and excitement are palpable. With a diverse array of departments and a steadfast commitment to quality education, the Academy continues to pave the way for innovative and inclusive online learning. The discussions and plans set forth during the faculty orientation lay a strong foundation for the semester ahead, ensuring that ALPA Online Academy remains a beacon of educational excellence.

In conclusion, the summer semester faculty orientation was not just a preparation for the upcoming academic term but a reaffirmation of ALPA Online Academy’s mission and vision. As the Academy grows and adapts, its dedication to providing transformative education to students around the world remains unwavering.

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