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ALPA Online Academy Welcomes Students to Its Summer Semester

Updated: Jun 22

June 21, 2024. Today marks the official beginning of the summer semester, where enthusiastic students were warmly welcomed by Dr. Bashir Mobasher, the president of ALPA. In his opening address, Dr. Mobasher highlighted some significant developments in the academy and outlined its goals and mission for the academic year 2024-2025.

Dr. Mobasher proudly announced that ALPA Online Academy now boasts over 80 volunteer faculty, staff, and mentors. These dedicated individuals offer classes and training across eight departments and contribute to six ALPA centers and divisions, including ALPA Publications: Local Voices, Reimagining Afghanistan Forum, and the Research Excellence Lab.

Ahmad Vali Behnood, the academic coordinator at ALPA Online Academy, provided detailed information about the academy's education standards and expectations. He also gave insights into the instructors, online technologies, students' safety measures, and the curriculum developed for the summer semester. The summer semester is a short, intensive five-week session at the end of which students will evaluate their instructors' performances.

At the end of the orientation, students actively engaged in discussions, asked questions, and offered constructive suggestions. The academy has continued to benefit from the input of its students, using their feedback to improve and adapt its programs.

As the academy enters its seventh semester, it is set to make a substantial impact with the introduction of 15 new online classes and programs available in both English and local languages. This growth is a testament to ALPA's commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education to Afghan students. The Academy, which began with a single course on Social Critical Thought in the summer of 2022, has now expanded into a robust institution with eight distinct departments and many minor disciplines:

  1. Personal Development and Mental Health: This department focuses on the holistic well-being of students, offering courses that promote mental health awareness and personal growth.

  2. Law: Providing a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and practices, this department equips students with the knowledge of law and the skills of lawyering.

  3. Political Science and Public Administration: This department delves into the intricacies of political systems and administrative functions, offering education in peace and conflict, negotiation, civic engagement, diplomacy, international relations, statebuilding, democratic institutions, and more.

  4. Sociology and Human Rights: Offering insights into societal structures and human rights issues, this department fosters a deeper understanding of social justice.

  5. Scholarship, Language Learning, and Fine Arts: In addition to catering to the artistic pursuits of students, this department enhances their English language skills and prepares them for scholarships and study abroad opportunities.

  6. Advocacy and Civic Engagement: Empowering students to become active citizens, this department focuses on advocacy skills and civic responsibilities.

  7. Applied Learning and Vocational Training: Providing practical skills and vocational training, this department ensures students are job-ready in various trades and professions.

  8. Business and STEM: Combining business acumen with scientific and technological expertise, this department prepares students for the dynamic world of business and STEM careers.

The summer semester of 2024 promises to be the most impactful yet, with the academy's expanded offerings and the dedication of its volunteer faculty and staff. ALPA Online Academy continues to stand as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Afghan students, driving forward its mission to empower and educate through innovation and inclusivity.

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