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ALPA Online Education Academy Welcomes Students and Faculty to the Spring Semester 2024

This spring, over 1,100 Afghan female students are flourishing thanks to ALPA Online Academy's diverse curriculum. Offered in English, Farsi, and Pashto, 30+ online classes span language learning, human rights, law, and more, equipping them with valuable knowledge and skills. As the largest online educator for Afghan girls, ALPA boasts nearly 70 highly qualified faculty, mentors, and staff, almost all with master’s degrees and nearly half the faculty with doctorates. ALPA is on the fastest route to gaining international accreditation.

Beyond empowering Afghan women, ALPA expands its reach in Spring 2024, welcoming over 30 students from Somalia, Yemen, and other Global South nations. This fosters cross-cultural exchange, allowing students to broaden their perspectives and dismantle cultural barriers. This initiative solidifies ALPA's position as a leading international online education institution, committed to fighting illiteracy globally.

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