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ALPA Scholar Discuss International Law and the Recognition of the Taliban

ALPA's prominent scholars attended a recent webinar hosted by the Max Planck Foundation's Afghanistan Legal Research Network (ALRN). The Webinar tackled the complex issue of the international recognition of the Taliban.

The panel, featuring Dr. Zabihullah Obaidy, Dr. Mahir Hazim, and Dr. Haroun Rahimi, delved into the various approaches taken by different states and the challenges of separating legal justifications for recognition from political motivations. They examined these issues through the lens of international law's mandatory norms, with a particular focus on whether denying recognition can be effectively linked to the Taliban's discriminatory practices against women and girls in Afghanistan.

The discussion revealed a general consensus among the speakers that the Taliban's unyielding stance on absolute state sovereignty, combined with their steadfast refusal to acknowledge the rights of individuals under international law, presents a major hurdle to their regime's recognition.

The webinar concluded with a lively and insightful Q&A session, allowing the audience to engage with the speakers and gain further perspectives based on their ongoing research and professional experiences.

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