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Colors of Resilience

by Halima*

In the name of God, the knowledge of freedom and equality, I am Halima (not my real name), a girl from the land of unfulfilled dreams and green roots in our soil, Afghanistan. I am writing this letter today on behalf of the girls of my land, Afghanistan. 🇦🇫 Afghanistan has 34 provinces and hundreds of girls who are trying to achieve the dreams they planted in their minds and hearts. 💖

Education and training are the most essential pillars for achieving our dreams and goals. We believe that opening a school door closes a prison door and eliminates corruption and injustice, while also increasing solidarity, equality, and stability. 📚 Education brings awareness and empowerment to us; it is a bright light from the heart of dark and stony mountains. 🌄 It is awareness that leads society to a settlement. Education and training are the tellers of peace, and we are trying to open the door to the destruction of societal barriers. ✌️

I really want to help the girls who are left out of education realize their dreams and give them a different perspective. Freedom of work, freedom of expression, and freedom of choice should be given to women and girls who have taken up the pen to paint their surroundings beautifully. 🎨 We are girls with colorful dreams, dreams in which each color symbolizes education, work, training, peace, cooperation, acceptance, friendship, forgiveness, faith, effort, being a woman, being a girl, and being ourselves. 🌈

We are girls seeking heaven amidst black and white people in the valley of darkness—a heaven for the women and girls of Afghanistan, away from injustices and inequalities, with freedom of education, freedom of work, freedom of speech, freedom of travel, and freedom of choice. 🌌 In our country, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, and destitution are rampant. My fellow humans and I are striving to make these beautiful dreams come true, to strengthen the roots as best as possible. We face numerous challenges, from the closing of schools and universities to the arrest and harassment of girls in Afghanistan, along with hundreds of other obstacles and problems. 🚫🎓

We believe that light will break through and destroy the darkness, even though each day this path becomes more difficult. 🌟 Amidst many challenges, my fellows and I are searching for the moonlight in the absolute blackness of the dark night without any stars. 🌜 We hope for the day when Afghan women and girls have full access to their most basic rights without any challenge and can be their own leaders in society! 👩‍🎓👩‍💼


*Halima is a pseudonym. For safety reasons, we cannot publish her real name.

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