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Education In Emergencies: ALPA Online Academy Discussed at the American University

Updated: May 12

Dr. Alexandra Pars and Dr. Bashir Mobasher, at the invitation of respectively Professor Jisun Jeong and Dr. Dora Odour, discussed ALPA Online Academy with the students of the Department of Education and Department of Sociology at the American University. Their presentation focused on the organization's mission, curriculum, and its critical role in empowering Afghan women and girls under Taliban rule.

The Taliban's return to power has severely restricted women's freedoms, including education, work, and basic social activities. This suppression has led some to compare the regime to an apartheid system. In response, ALPA offers a crucial lifeline for Afghan women and girls.

ALPA is the revival of ALSPA, founded in 2019. Initially, ALSPA aimed to create a space for Afghan academics to meet and discuss education. Its inaugural conference in 2019 attracted over 60 participants, and by 2020, the organization's annual conference hosted over 120 participants from universities, think tanks, and international organizations. Now registered in Virginia, ALPA connects Afghan and international scholars focused on legal, social, and political development in Afghanistan. Notably, an estimated 70% of Afghan law and political science professors now live in exile, highlighting the challenges Afghan academia faces.

In 2022, recognizing the Taliban's restrictions, ALPA established its Online Education Academy. The Academy provides Afghan women with access to a diverse range of subjects, including law, political science, sociology, mental health, business, arts, and journalism. This spring semester offers nearly 30 courses in English, Farsi, and Pashto, solidifying ALPA's position as a vital source of education for Afghan women. Led by a team of qualified instructors, these classes provide a transformative learning experience, fueled by both the unwavering dedication of Afghan women and the commitment of their mentors.

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