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Dr. Bashir Mobasher Discusses Gender Apartheid In An Interview with the Voice of America

Dr. Bashir Mobasher discussed gender apartheid in Afghanistan a recent Voice of America interview. Gender apartheid is a system of extreme oppression and segregation based on gender that condemns women to a subordinate social, economic, and political condition. Afghanistan, under the regime of the Taliban, represents a clear example of gender apartheid. Dr. Bashir mentions the Islamic Republic of Iran as another example.

In this interview, Dr. Bashir explained why Afghan and international human rights groups are campaigning for the international community to recognize and sanction gender apartheid regimes. He believes such recognition wouldn't necessarily change the Taliban's treatment of women and girls directly, but it would discourage the international community from normalizing relations with a regime that enforces gender apartheid. This urgency is heightened by the Taliban leader's recent announcement reinstating barbaric punishments like public stoning and lashing of women.

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