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Dr. Bashir Mobasher Hosted by the University of Washington to Present His Recent Book

May 6, 2024, Seattle, Washington. Dr. Bashir Mobasher presents his recent book, Constitutional Law and the Politics of Ethnic Accommodation in an event at the University of Washington. This event was organized by Amy Vance, Director of Alumni at the University of Washington School of Law, and co-sponsored by School of Law and Henry Jackson School of International Studies, particularly Middle East Center and South Asia Center.

In this book, Dr. Mobasher explores why the legal and political institutions of Afghanistan were unable to incorporate diverse ethnic groups into the political process. Comparing presidential system, balance of power, centralization of power, electoral systems, and party systems across ten divided societies in this book, Dr. Mobasher argues that inter-institutional and intra-institutional alignments (along with institutional contextualization) are essential to successful ethnic accommodation and democratic consolidation.


Dr. Clark Lombardi Dr. Clark Lombardi, Dan Fenno Henderson Professorship in East Asian Legal Studies moderated the panel. They were joined by some prominent discussants including Dr. James D. Long, Professor of Political Science and a co-founder of the Political Economy Forum at the University of Washington, Dr. Haroun Rahimi, Affiliate Associate Professor from UW School of Law, and Dr. Mahir Hazim, Acting Assistant Professor of Law.

Dr. Mobasher is a graduate of the University of Washington where he completed his both Masters and PhD in Law. He considers the Seattle and the University his second home where he achieved some of his dreams and built a few others.

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