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Dr. Zafary Attends BBC World Service Panel

London, Apr. 26, 2024. Dr. Nemat Zafary was recently invited as a guest to a panel discussion hosted by the BBC World Service. The session, titled "Offering a Lifeline service: Gaza, Afghanistan, Ukraine," explored the BBC's history of providing critical news and support during times of crisis.

Dr. Zafary participated in a discussion with renowned journalist Lyse Doucet, focusing on the ongoing challenges faced by Afghan girls seeking education. This timely conversation shed light on the crucial role of organizations like ALPA (in Exile) in advocating for the rights of these young women.

"It was an honor to be invited by the BBC World Service to discuss this important issue," Dr. Zafary said. "Education is a fundamental right, and it's vital that we continue to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Afghan girls seeking an education."

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