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Let's Celebrate: Dr. Shamshad Pasarlay Joins University of Chicago As An Assistant Professor

ALPA is pleased to announce that Dr. Shamshad Pasarlay joined the University of Chicago's Law, Letters, and Society (LLSO) as an Assistant Instructional Professor. A specialist in comparative constitutional law, his focus centers on the design and political complexities of constitutions in societies with deep divisions. Pasarlay's background includes Islamic legal history and a forthcoming book on incomplete constitutions. He researched and published extensively on these topics including two recent articles that are featured on ALPA's website. He previously served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School.

Dr. Shamshad Pasaralay is a prominent ALPA scholar. For the past two semesters, Dr. Pasarlay has captivated ALPA students with his expertise, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the online classroom. His teaching of human rights to Afghan women and girls advances ALPA's mission, and his dedication extends beyond the curriculum. Dr. Pasarlay actively participates in the ALPA community, making valuable contributions across various aspects of the association. His commitment to both education and community engagement makes him a true asset to ALPA.

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