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Nasiruddin Nezaami Leads A Panel on the Challenges of Legal Education under the Taliban

Recently, Nasiruddin Nezaami, moderated a panel that brought together experts to discuss legal education issues under the Taliban and explore potential solutions to safeguard the progress made in Afghan legal education over the past two decades. Dr. Victoria Fontan, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the American University of Afghanistan, Erik Jensen, Director of the Rule of Law Program at Stanford Law School, and Stephen A. Rosenbaum, a Lecturer at UC Berkeley Law were panelists in this webinar.


The webinar titled "The Implications of Taliban Takeover on Legal Education in Afghanistan" explored the complexities arising from the recent political developments in Afghanistan and their impact on legal education. The fragile legal system of Afghanistan challenged by the conflict of Islamic law, customary law and civil law traditions, faces further challenges following the Taliban takeover. This has had a significant negative impact on legal education in the country.

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